CICBAA 2020 31 janvier et 1er février Bruxelles | Belgique

31 janvier et 1er février 2020 Bruxelles

January 31st & February 1st, 2020 Bruxelles

Xème Symposium du CICBAA

CICBAA 2020 31 janvier et 1er février Bruxelles | Belgique
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January 31st & February 1st, 2020 Bruxelles
Xth CICBAA Symposium


Dear Colleagues
Dear Friends

We are very pleased to invite you to the 10th CICBAA Symposium!

Evolution in the field of food allergy has been major in recent years, both on epidemiological and clinical aspects and research. More than ever, it is a rapidly evolving field of the medecine.
While therapeutic advances are obvious, the major challenges for the coming years will be to improve diagnosis methods, to better adapt treatment to the specific needs of patients in the context of personalized medicine and also - a public health challenge - to try to prevent the disease.
We propose to explore these themes more deeply during this Symposium. The program was built with the help of the Allergo-Vigilance Network and the «Food Allergy» Working Group of the Société Française d’Allergologie. All questions will not be answered, but we hope that thanks to the interventions of experts from differents specialities we will provide you new knowledge on these points.

Founder of CICBAA and pioneer in the diagnosis and management of food allergy, Professor Anne Moneret-Vautrin has trained a lot of physicians, also in Belgium. We hope that the organization of this Symposium in Brussels will be an opportunity to pay tribute to her.

Welcome to Belgium, the country of surrealism and compromise, welcome to Brussels, European capital at the crossroads of Germanic and Roman cultures and finally welcome to the CICBAA meeting! May this Symposium be for all of us the opportunity for meetings and fruitfull discussions in conviviality.

We look forward to seeing you in Brussels!
Come and join us and do not hesitate to register online.


Virginie DOYEN
Vice-President of CICBAA
President of CICBAA

CICBAA Bruxelles 2020

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